Political Correct – Correct Politics?

This is a big question for me.

Yesterday I chatted with a wonderful friend. I was so excited about my new tool – this blog.

She is very supportive, really I like that, but she told me not being too political. Maybe somebody who might be interested in my graphics, won’t like my personal political point of view. That somebody might get scared.

Of course it is better to be safe than sorry, that’s what they say.

And usually it is a very good advice.

Everybody has to answer this question for herself.

Do I really want to bend myself?

Usually I would stand up and scream: “No not me!! – I would never do that!!”

Personally integrity is much more important to me than to worship Mammon.

Sure a bit strict.

My believes, my faith, my ideas are more important to me, than the money I might be able to earn.

Quite easy, right?

People are based too much on money. Money is important for our lives, much to important.

Money, money, money makes the world go round.

Everybody needs it, everybody wants it.

Greece needs more money, USA need more money, I need more money.

We can’t pay the rent without it, and I will be in huge trouble, if I can’t afford cat food.

Those little furry critters who allow me kindly to share my or their apartment, wouldn’t be amused.

Again: do I want to bend myself?

Again: no never!

I bet there are more people outside who don’t like the way I am thinking, than who agree with me.

On the other hand, there must be also people who don’t like the way I am creating a logo or a book.

And there is this small group who like and agree.

Taste and money – you can’t discuss about it.

Another dear friend told me, that it is not important how many years we are living, it is much more important how we use the time we have.

Very true.

So I have to admit: it is much more important to me, to be able to look at my own face – every morning.

I like honesty – of my friends and of myself.

Being honest, being true to myself is my way to use my time.

It connects directly to my work.

The more I am me the better my work.

So hopefully my reader, even if not agreeing with my views, likes honesty, personally integrity, and sincerity as much as I do.


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