Avatars (2)

A writer asked me to do an avatar.

It is difficult to express the personality on an area of 150 x 300 pixel.
Yeah that’s difficult – sometimes.

As usual I had to think about it, watch many many pictures.
Pictures I knew I wouldn’t use.

But I have to watch them.
To get inspired.
To get the flow.

All I knew was to make it simple, to express the idea of writing and to add blue – maybe.

Suddenly my mind was wandering in some of these old movies.
You know those with the very grungy detective.
Books and movies based on Raymond Chandler.

Detective is smoking, detective is drinking lots of whiskey.
Not that this very writer is addicted to those drugs, it was just my mind.

Overflown with images from the past.

Good and inspiring movies.

Typewriters, ink, paper.

Was quite easy then … adding the name on the paper, putting it on the keys, placing the ink stains in position.



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4 thoughts on “Avatars (2)

  1. Love the use of the typewriter keys.

  2. These are great Helen 😀

    • thank you very much BP 🙂

      I try very hard to get close to the taste of the customer.
      No matter if it is pro bono work or they are paying for it.

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