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I love Photoshop.
Really I am a huge fan of it.

Working with it for ages.
When I first started I could hardly align a picture.

Yeah that’s not to difficult, but in fact that was all I was able to do with Photoshop. And to erase pixels that shouldn’t be there.

Hard to believe, right?

I took my chance, got classes in Photoshop – cool teacher I got. 🙂
He told me that he could only teach us about 20% of the power of Photoshop.

Imagine: 20% in a 160 hours course.

Then I got the advice to practice and practice and practice.

It is all about doing, working with it, experimenting.

Since these days I am addicted to Photoshop and to tutorials.
So now and then I adopt a tutorial and follow the steps – like a recipe for a wonderful pasta sauce.
And like following a recipe I also start while working with the tutorial to change it a bit.
Choosing a different color, taking a different photo, establishing a different idea.

The avatars in the photo above are results of such tutorial tweaking.

Offered a whole new world for me.

You get ideas how to do it.

Maybe by the moment I hold 50% of the powers of Photoshop in my hand?


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2 thoughts on “Avatar (3)

  1. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    These are gorgeous – you have obviously really got the hang of it! I love Photoshop, too, and use it mainly for post-processing my photos. I get so cross when ‘purists’ say we shouldn’t ‘digitally manipulate’ photos, when it’s only doing on the computer what people have been dong for years in the darkroom!

    Well done for investing in developing the skills and maybe one day we can sit side by side with our laptops and play on Photoshop together!!

    • thanks michele – yes one day lets do photoshop together – have to get a macbook first 🙂

      today there are 2 different ways with photos – just the plain pure way where photoshop takes part of the dark chamber to enhance the pictures instead of developing.
      the other way is creating something new – either with other pix forming a new one or not harming pictures at all
      the avatar “truth out there” is a picture that does not originate from a photo – i made everything on that on my own!

      maybe i should blog about the benefits of photoshop 🙂
      love ya michele

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