Outside a Book

A book cover is like a dress.

To me it should represent the personality of the lady wearing the dress.
So it also should represent the personality of the book it is covering.

Usually publishers have so many rules to follow, since most books are not the individuals we would like to see them as. They are part of editions.

So you have to obey the colors of the edition, you have to chose the same font, even the layout has been created by somebody else long time before.

Nothing very personal, especially not for the book.

I was lucky to create the shown above book covers just the way I wanted them to be.

The one with the airplane was done for my dad’s biography.
He was a dedicated glider pilot. So I was quite happy to engrave his name in the cockpit of this glider.

The pink one was made for the story of a defiant and stubborn child. She gave her father a hard and rough time. In the end she was so sweet, just like any 3 year old girl. 🙂
Sleeping child – proud daddy.


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