Make it a better place

Riots in London
Euro in danger
Welfare problems in Germany

…… this world seems to break into pieces.

Sometimes I hear people saying that it is no longer fun to live. They say, nobody cares.
Or they tell you, that rioters or poor people are kind of scum bags, people who doesn’t matter.

When browsing the news it seems somehow to be true.

But I know, the difference is in detail. The difference is made by single people.

One of these persons that make a difference, especially a difference in my life is my sister Knity.
To me she is one of the most amazing people in the whole world.

“Yeah”, I hear you say, “she is your sister, therefore you love her and admire her.”
True, oh so true.

But like any siblings we had had our problems with each other.
Huge problems and small problems.
We even had times, long times, not speaking to each other.

We overcame these times.

I have to tell you, I have never met a person, who is standing up so bravely for herself, than Knity.
Life somehow hasn’t treated her well all the time. This is not the place to go into details.

Knity is a fighter for sure, and she is an example for many people.

She is the one, who shows you not to give up, how deep you might be walking in the mud.
She is able to help you to find the way to solid ground again.

She cares and she loves.

She tries to make a difference for people.
Even for people who are not friends of her or family.

Knity does a good deal for people, who don’t live on the sunny side of the world.

One of her projects is the so called “Strickpate”.

Strickpate. which can be roughly translated with Knitting Godparent, has been founded in 2010 by my sister.
Strickpate is a group of people in Singen, a German town close to the Swiss border at the Lake Constance. They are knitting scarf, socks, hats, gloves for poor children in Singen.

Anybody can participate, by buying wool for the project or by knitting the items.

This year the clothes will be handed out by the middle of December.

As Knity told me, she would be very happy to the project transfer to any German or European city.

We life in the richer part of the world.
People like Knity show us, that it is not difficult to give back what we got.
Sometimes it is the sock and the scarf that matter.

Thanks to Knity for the love and the caring and for showing me more than one light, when I am not able to see the path.

Love you sister.



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