I would like to tell you …

This morning I got a phone call from my best friend.
It was great 🙂 – I really enjoyed it.
Sometimes you feel so fed up by the world, and a chat like I had had with A. just grounds me.

Thanks again sweet heart. I really love talking to you.

We talked about this and that, it is like a journey with wikipedia, you click a link, and another one and again another one, and booom you really buffered where end up.

It is fun. Pure fun.
And to me the essence of communication.

My friend came up with an interesting thought this morning. She told me: “I really enjoy what you are writing, but I am not creative enough to comment.”

Oooops, do you really need creativity to comment?

I doubt it.
She is such a lovely girl to talk to, so intelligent, charming and full of inspiration.

But maybe other people are also to shy to comment.
Nobody has to be shy.
We all talk and comment a lot during the day.

Pure talking, quarreling with the kids, calling the pet in, asking the doc ……we communicate.

And commenting on a blog is nothing else than communication.
Or think of an article in the paper. These days you don’t have to write a letter.
Most papers have a comment section in their online issue.

And commenting is important.
For the reader and for the author.
The reader can tell the author his thoughts on the article.
It doesn’t matter if the comment is a mere “I liked it” or more thoughts and ideas on the subject.

Just comment, add your 2 cents to it.

The author will be pleased and grateful.
When somebody comments the article, the author gets the feeling that somebody is interested.

And who knows … maybe this thought is the basic for another article.

So what do you think?
Shouldn’t we communicate much more?
Answering our questions?



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