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I have to apologize for some inconvenience on this site and on the main site of helz-design.com.

Both sites are made with wordpress.

This one is hosted on the wordpress.com server, the other one is hosted on my server.

Since my mother tongue is German, I decide to use the German language package.
And here is the problem for my English speaking reader. The comment section is written in German.

I apologize for it, and I will do my best to tweak it one day.

For now I have a “picture walk through”.

While being on helzdesign.wordpress.com:

scroll down to the end of the article:


You see the orange words: “Hinterlasse einen Kommentar” –  click and comment

When at helz-design.com:


click to get the permalink,
scroll down again:

sent comment

Click “Leave a comment” or “Hinterlasse eine Antwort” (leave a reply) or just type into the blank field.
When finished don’t forget to hit the button “Kommentar abschicken” = sent comment.

Happy commenting!

Did you find this “tutorial” helpful?


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4 thoughts on “Leave a comment

  1. This really is certainly pretty handy since I am presently putting together an internet flower website – however I am in the beginning stages so it’s really rather small, not like this blog. It would be fantastic if I could backlink to a few of the threads because they’re very fascinating. With thanks. Rachel Matthews

  2. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    What a beautiful place and you have whetted my appetite to know more about you, your business and your life. Thank you!

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