Shopping by the sea

I am very  happy to introduce the first Guestblog at HelzDesign.
Welcome Ruth Seba of Sebasilver. Thanks for joining me Ruth. 

Shopping by the sea

I recently wrote a guest blog about the differences I discovered in starting a business here in Croatia compared to when I was working in the UK. There were so many things I could’ve written about, it has been an interesting journey so far, my husband and I opened a small business here in Korcula at the start of June.

There used to be a small bar in the space that is now ‘Seba Dizajn’ – our jewellery and gift shop.

The bar was a small space that needed a lot of work to turn it into a shop & with a very limited budget we set to doing everything ourselves. One sunny Korcula day a friend here asked us if we wanted a ride to collect the wood we needed to make shelves for our shop …

This is how we travelled;

Shopping in Korcula can be fun – there are not many shops for supplies so it is often a frustrating experience as well, but on this sunny May morning it was a lot of fun.

Here is our view on the way back to Korcula;

The shelves are full now and our first season as business owners is drawing to a close, it has been a great learning process and we have meet some wonderful people. As the season closes we are looking at expanding our business with an increasing on-line presence, the social networking is another interesting learning curve for us.

We have our own blog at sebasilver.wordpress.com and a facebook page if you are interested in looking at the beautiful filigree jewellery my husband creates; www.facebook.com/SebaDizajn & hope to be launching www.SebaDizajn4Christmas later in the month.

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3 thoughts on “Shopping by the sea

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  3. thanks ruth for sharing your experiences in shopping in croatia with us.
    a lot different than the one you can have here in berlin.
    if i would need wood, i just would ride the bus down to the next obi-market and buy the wood.
    certainly more expensive, but they are a bit tricky if i would go to the next forest.

    i can highly advise everybody to have a look at ruth.s wordpress blog. some posts show you how they – especially ruth.s husband – are doing the magic in creating their wonderful jewelry.

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