Review Friday

Dear me, time is running.
Yesterday my sister surprised me with the message, that she will spent Christmas at my house.
Fantastic, I am so exited. Just 3 more months and she will be with me.

Some of you might know that I am participating in Nikki Pilkington’s 30Day-Blogging Challenge.
Nikki hands out a task every day for 30 days.
Really a challenge. I like it so far.

But I also have to admit, that I am behind schedule.
Do you think work will be an excuse?

Today I’ll take the freedom, to work on day 12 of the challenge, although day 10 and 11 haven’t yet been mastered. The task of these days are not difficult, but time consuming.
I want to write today, later on I will proceed with the rest.
Got some very interesting stuff on my mind, as a result of Nikki’s tasks.

I am blogging since July 23 2011. According to Nikki’s task it is nice to have a little review now and then.
Just browse some older posts, bring them to people’s mind.
I also have to review the fun blogging gives to me.

When I finished high school, I wanted to become a journalist.
I was a freelancer for a local newspaper. They gave me 30 Pfennig (was pre-Euro-time) for a line in the paper. Today it would be about 15 cent. Not much. But I got free access to marksmen’s festivals – my hometown had about 13 of them. Also free access to small theater shows and – most important – rabbit breeding clubs. Just joking

Was a full bunch of info I had to spread. But you see I love talking, I’ll start to babble again.

So blogging is kind of being back to the roots. I am allowed and supposed to write, but I am the master of my articles.
Sure I am writing kind of business blog, but since I am what I am it is a bit of everything.

For example, I am a political person. I love politics. I love to read about it, I am a dedicated voter – Sunday Sept 18 Berlin is electing a new parliament, and I have already voted via postal vote.
So I have to write on political stuff, no matter how wise it is or not.

But I think this is my uniqueness, this blog is labled Helen, and you will get Helen.
You will get the graphic stuff, you will get the social stuff, you will get guest blogs with interesting insights and you will get also OrangeAndTheCity – yeah I have some more in the sleeve – and you will get everything either in English or German, and those articles which are very close to my heart, you will get them in both languages.

So again a big thanks to the existing of the Internet, what would I do without.

Without the Internet I wouldn’t have been able to stay in close contact with my sister. I wouldn’t have been able to meet so fantastic people like Nikki Pilkington , Angelika Davey or Ruth Seba and many many more, who like to remain anonymous.

Not to forget all my friends at Chat-eaux.

Really I am happy about every person I have met on the Internet.



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