Berlin Election 2011

Today is the day! Election Sunday in Berlin.

Who will have the pleasure, duty, burden to manage Berlin for the next 5 years.

Will major Klaus Wowereit, who is doing the job for about 10 years now, be our number 1 man again?

I won’t tell you, which party got my cross and ok, when I fulfilled my democratic duty.
Secret of election!

Election Sunday also means, we are going to get rid of all those posters.
Campaigns in Germany seems to be so much different than in the USA or other countries.

Here we mostly enjoy or suffer posters in all sizes, hanging on walls, on lanterns, hiding in the woods or the village green.
I am pretty glad that those posters are not able to walk, otherwise I fear they are going to stalk me or jump into my face.

Berlin Election of September 2011 seems to see the most uninspired election campaign ever.
All you saw has been “heads heads heads heads”

Just look at the examples. Can you figure what the very person stands for?
I can’t. I am glad that they are printing the party logo on the poster. Otherwise I would not know.

I am not going to judge about the campaign. As a citizen I just wish that politicians would treat us respectful, would listen to our needs and try to fulfill their promises.
But I think it is wishfull thinking.

Some posters made me smile, when I walked by.

Here is my favorite one.

Major Wowi (short for Wowereit) getting snapped by a pet crocodile – the picture was taking in a day care, sorry for the writing on it, somebody needed to prove that the pen is ok.

At midnight I think we will know the finale results, but first calculations will be available after 6pm.



Klaus Wowereit looks set to serve a third term as Berlin mayor after his party, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), emerged as the strongest force in Sunday’s elections in the city-state of Berlin.

SPD = 28.5 %
center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) = 23 %
Green Party = 17.5 %
far-left Left Party = 11.5 %.
The Pirate Party = 9 %
business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP) = 2 %

The FDP will no longer have any seats in the Berlin state parliament. The setback comes just weeks after a similarly disappointing result in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state election. The Berlin result is likely to exacerbate the party’s ongoing crisis.

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