Logodesign for a Berlin School

My favorite customer wanted a logo.
He is principal of a Berlin school “Jean-Krämer-Schule Wittenau”.
That school is based in an old fashioned round-shaped brick building.

A few months ago we had even done a new flyer for the school using the very picture and the color of the bricks. Created a nice effect – the brick red.

After a short briefing on the logo the principal and me knew that we wanted to adapt the shape of the building which was like an arc with two side wings and the red of the building.
But not a dark brick red as we used it before. This time it should be a clear and intensive red.
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2 thoughts on “Logodesign for a Berlin School

  1. Interesting! I liked the logo when you posted that on your facebook page and it is nice to know a little of where your ideas and inspiration come from.

    • i have figured out that it helps me – especially for the next job – to reflect on the last one.
      sometimes i am not aware of the ideas while being in the process.

      thanks for the comment ruth 🙂

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