Steve Jobs

This morning hearing the news on the radio, I was shocked.

They said:

Steve Jobs dies aged 56

This might not be important for many people.
But I am sad.
I am very sad.

Steve was always an inspiration for me.
All my life I have worked with the Macintosh.
Everything I did so far, was done with an Apple computer.

I always admired the genius of Steve Jobs.
Having the right feeling for the right item or place.

Thanks Steve Jobs for being with us.

Remembering Steve

The spiritual side of Steve Jobs

Through the years

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4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs

  1. Knity on said:

    Ein großer Verlust

  2. Farewell Mr Jobs, you will be sorely missed. It was only a few weeks ago we celebrated the Dress Like Steve Jobs Day with iPhone Magazine as he announced his retirement. They wanted us to share our Apple story. This was the tribute I recorded

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