My best mate and me have been bowling yesterday.
It was lot of fun.
I have to admit that I am not a natural bowler. In a certain way I am the exact opposite of natural bowler. I hardly hit the pins, my bowl ends up in the alley.

When I watched my fellow bowlers and those next by, they sometimes nearly cried after scoring 0.

They felt unsuccessful.

Success is about to achieving certain goals. Success is the opposite of failure and success is a social status in life.

In bowling the rules of bowling define the goals and therefore the success.
The more pins you hit, the more you score, the more successful you are.

Sure you can accept those goals and suffer if not meeting them.
Actually I know about my handicap and just turned it upside down.
Each alley was success, and I made it to be the one who scored less.

Success is about to reach goals.

When looking around it seems to me that those goals must be connected with money, cars, big houses, expensive clothes and even more money, ah yeah and being on top of the career ladder. When it comes to men: success seems to be also to have a young, hot and blonde woman at ones side.

People think their neighbor is successful when he is able to drive a certain car. Usually the man in the game gets nervous and wants an even bigger car.

A while ago I talked to another good friend. We were wondering why women usually don’t want to be a big boss. She said: “Women can’t be made to run after a big and expensive car!”

Guess we have different values.

Is success just for you or me? Or is it also to show other people how well we do?
Maybe my goals are not high enough?

Some people are successful when they survive the day.
Others are successful when they are able to get up in the morning.

It usually depends on you circumstances in life.

In my world, I am successful, when I can spend quality time with my family.
I am successful when I have a good time with my friends.
I am successful when my fridge is full of good nourishing stuff.
I am successful when my customer is satisfied.
And I am successful when I am able to do what I love.

Albert Einstein (1879–1955) said:

“Holzhacken ist deshalb so beliebt, weil man bei dieser Tätigkeit den Erfolg sofort sieht.”
“People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results. ”

What does success mean to you?
Do you think you can plan success?
Tell me about it in a comment!

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4 thoughts on “Success

  1. Success is being able to live life on your own terms, not a monetary achievement! Love the Time cover….

    • thanks carolina 🙂

      sure you are right: success is to live a life on our own terms.
      therefore many people try to minimize our success by telling us how to live 😦

  2. Success is very subjective to each on eof us, I agree…
    It all depends to what is important to us, if material success is important and then we foregt to be grateful about what we have achieved through material success ( if money is means not a destination), so what is the point of sweating, working and even setting goals if
    we do not stop and savor life? .
    “Woman or man of the year” or of life I would say…is when we live on purpose and we enjoy the moment, the here and now…
    Thank you for this post…

    • thank you for your comment patricia 🙂

      certainly success is a very subjective subject.
      therefore i am usually very astonished if somebody calls a person who earns not big money a not successful person.

      we always have to look very carefully.

      to me a happy person is successful coz this person seems to live life the way it is meant to be.
      maybe looking at the small but worthy things much more now and then.
      the trust in the eye of a child, a cat that wants to sit on our lap or fresh baked bread ……
      thanks again for your comment.

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