What I like about Facebook

Today I have to break a lance for Facebook.
No I am not addicted. No way.

I just like it.
Started with myspace a couple of years ago. Was fun, too.
Sure, there have been more possibilities to tweak the layout at myspace.

But usually you never knew who the other one really was.

Ok, some might argue that you can’t know it at Facebook too.
But there is this real name policy. Usually I love my anonymity, but this is different.

I like the idea having my friends and family on one hand and my business on the other hand.
That’s fantastic.
I can manage both at the same time.

Usually I just add people as friends I know in a certain way.
Some from forums I use to frequent.
Others are off-line life friends too.
Some people I met in groups for business affairs like the 30 day challenges by Nikki Pilkington. We got to know each other. So I can tell a story about everybody.

We started to work together.
I have to mention Ruth Seba of SebaSilver and Michele Taylor.

I even found old friends again. People I knew in highschool, or my oldest online friends Shannon LaBounty and Erika Leppelmeier.
We met each other in ancient internet times. At that time there was no Facebook (scary huhh), no forums, just newsgroups, which where delivered to your mailbox.

Oh yeah.
And now we have Facebook.

I am happy. I can watch the latest pictures my friends all over the world have taken.
Thanks to Camille Sparks-Moore for her wonderful landscape pictures of the USA and Australia.
As Shelly Middlebrook-Betts once said: “You take me to places I will hardly ever visit”.
That’s lovely.

I am glad for all my friends.
Sometimes when nights are cold and lonely, I will find somebody to chat with, even to make decisions I need to make but which I can’t make on my own.

That’s the moment I feel spoiled and pampered.
I love my Facebook friends and colleagues.
I love the groups we are discussing in.

And I love the idea, that I am connected with people all over the world:
USA, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, India, Australia, South Africa … bet I have forgotten a country – hope you don’t mind.
And for those i haven’t mentioned with their name … you are all dear and close to my heart.



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