Font of the Week (1)

Today I am going to start a new series about fonts.
I’ll call it font of the week, although the posts will be kind of irregular, I’ll guess. There are so many subjects to blog about. So I’ll try to post once a week on a font.
You can tell me your favorite font in a comment or via my facebook-page .
Why? – Because I will be talking about those fonts you will be telling me, in a future post.

Since we are starting today, I am the one to chose.
My favorite font is “Bauhaus”.


The design of Bauhaus is based on a prototype created in the middle of the 20s of last century by Herbert Bayer, who was a graphic designer, painter, photographer, sculptor, art director and architect. Bayer taught at the famous Bauhaus of Dessau. (Read more)


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2 thoughts on “Font of the Week (1)

  1. you are quite right 🙂
    i am blessed that i can deal with this stuff on a job level 🙂
    people usual throw these chance to enhance the message away just by using arial coz word comes with it.

    and you are right michele it always depends on the context 🙂
    i have noted the calibri and will talk about it in another post 🙂
    thanks for your comment

  2. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Love all of this stuff! Typography, calligraphy – all very beautiful and simple ways to enhance your message. Interesting facts about the bauhaus font. Thanks. My favourite font? Depends on the context. For general text (reports and so on) definitely Calibri…

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