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I am on a blogging challenge. It is called the Ultimate Blogging Challenge .
The host sends a daily blogging idea to my mailbox. Nice and neat.

Todays idea:

Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

Just imagine our bankers taking their tedy bear to work.
All dressed up in their black suits with their ties around their necks, their little business suitcase with the macbook in it, and a teddy bear in their arms.

Wonderful image.
But unfortunately they won’t do it.

I don’t have to take my bear with me to work.
My bear(s) are always here. I am working at home.

My bears

I would like to introduce you to the little bunch.
Found them sitting on my couch this afternoon.

Crazy bunch of people as you see.
Usually they have their own unique places.

Lets start with the senior of the crowd.

This is the one and only “Mr Brummelmann”. The name of that fellow is a reminiscence of sound of a bear, the buzzing and growling. He is the fellow of my childhood days.
Nearly the same age, but he lost more hairs than me.

Still love him and will never send him away.
So he has the honor and pleasure to watch me sleep in the night and from the loft bed he can always observe the progress in working.

Mr Brummelmann’s buddy is “Little piggywiggy”.
A small guy, but high classed.

The only one who was born at the legendary bear-breeding farm “Steiff” .

He can also be called Mr Smarty. He is not arrogant, he never allows the others to feel bad, because of his origin.

15 years ago we were joined by 3 modern bears.

Kasimir is the funniest guy in the team. He always likes to joke around, wears his bow very proudly.

Kasimir did his best to cheer up little Knuddel. Knuddel used to be very sad a while ago. He had lost his mate who looked just like him.

Kasimir and Knuddel use to live on the stairs of the loft bed.
Sometimes they play some pranks for the cats.

Last guy in the bunch is Fluffy.
The name is selftelling.

His job is to watch over everbody. Sitting high underneath the ceiling on the railing of the loft bed.

City of Bears

I still wonder, if people won’t poke fun on me tomorrow, after reading this blog post.
But living in Berlin it is not very unusual to think of bears. Every child has a teddy bear. Even my son has one – called “Bear”. He didn’t allow a photo.

Berlin is a city of bears. No they don’t run around the city. People would get scared. But the bear is the heraldic animal of Berlin, like the eagle is the one of the USA.

Just have a look at the Berlin Flag:

A bear right in the middle of it.

Since 1280 the bear is the heraldic animal of Berlin. Quite a long time.

Why do we have the bear?
People are not sure. Some historians think it is because of Albrecht I, who founded the “Mark Brandenburg”, which is the area around Berlin.

Albrecht was also called “the bear”.

Another theory is that the name of Berlin itself means in middle German “Little Bear”.

No matter where the bear of Berlin has its origin, Berlin people are mad about their bears.

There is a bear pit in the middle of the city, close to the “Märkische Museum”. The bear pit is the home of the living heraldic animal of Berlin since 1930.

I bet you have heard about the polar bear Knut from the Berlin Zoo. He died this year.
Knut was a very famous bear with a huge fan club.

Usually a ticket for one visit of the Zoo costs about 12 Euro. But people bought annual tickets just to visit Knut every day.

I call this bear madness.

March 22 is “Berlin Bear day”.

Buddy Bears

Sure the Berlin Bear is a brand.
Another brand is the Buddy Bear.

Created at the beginning of the 21st century the colorful sculptors are famous all over the world.

They have started with 350 original Budy Bears as a so called urban event.

You found them all over Berlin at that time.
Walking around the corner bumping in a buddy bear.

I really love the colorful guys.

The one above was located at the main station.

And I think the designer of this one really picked up the heart of Berlin.
Berlin people are not only mad about bears, they are mad about animals. And so that buddy bear is the essence of Berlin.

Bear – Animals – Zoo.

What is your favorite animal?
Do you still have your childhood buddy?



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4 thoughts on “About bears

  1. Love Mr. Brummelmann and his losing hair! He looks well loved. I wrote about my son’s MONEY BEAR today. Have you seen any other teddy bear blogs to check out?

    • thanks beth 🙂

      yeah mr brummelmann is very well loved.
      you havent seen his paws, they are no longer original. my mom made him new crotchet ones.
      i had to knit him a suit to protect his body.

      i will check your blog.
      no i haven.t seen any other teddy bear blogs. but i am sure they are existing – somewhere.

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I sometimes take my bear to work. It’s a hand puppet and I take it when I teach young children German 😉

    • nice idea angelika,
      i once had the pleasure to teach 1sdt graders in english.
      was difficult to focus them, so i guess a hand puppet bear is a nice idea and helps a lot, right?

      thanks for sharing

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