Teenagers – what are they able to see?

My best mate asked me to do a post on violent teenagers.
Her daughter and son, both 9th graders as my son, told her, that all the 7th graders at their school love fighting, that they are so violent, and that this is a reason of excessive video playing.

No I won’t analyze if these 7th graders are more violent than my generation, when we have been in grade 7. I also won’t analyze if these 7th graders are more violent than todays 9th graders, when being in grade 7 or today in grade 9.

And finally I won’t analyze if the reason for this not analyzed violence is based on certain video games.
The web is full of that.
Sorry hun, no chance.

I actually can’t do that. I am not an expert in this matter.

What I can do is to talk about awareness or perception.

Awareness of teenagers in 2011

My son is a teenager of nearly 15 years.
As many other teenagers he loves to play, calls himself “gamer”.
They play at the computer, they watch certain youtube-video, they play with small handheld game consoles like PSP or Nintendo 3DS or whatever, they play with big consoles like XBox, Wii, Playstation.
They play while they are walking.

When talking to Mom’s of male teenagers I get the feeling that we all share the same problem.
A gaming boy in the room next door. Girls seem to be more into chatting.

So the males are playing games. They can tell you about any scene in Zelda, Mimecraft, Pokemon, Civilization, Sim City.
They are able to watch and realize the tiniest pixel change.
It is amazing. Really.

I also like to play now and then, I am a huge fan of the older “Final Fantasy” games, but heck I am lost in all those dungeons.

Not my son, not the father of my son.
Actually they find their way better through a dungeon of a video game than through the city they live in.

Today I have been to the dentist with my son.

The dentist is in Kreuzberg, about 1 hour bus and metro ride from Hermsdorf, where we live.

For the way to the dentist I chose a longer bus ride and shorter metro ride.
You can see so much more of the city, being on a bus.

And I made an interesting observation.
The bus took us on a journey from Hermsdorf to Wedding. We passed a hotel where we used to attend a class a couple of years ago, we passed the “Weisse Stadt“, a heritage building which was build in the 1920s by famous architects. In this period they had  to deal with a certain housing shortage, therefore many famous architects like Bruno Taut, Hans Scharoun  or Otto Salvisberg, used to build house settlements.

I myself like to ride through the city and have a look at this heritage.
On that route we took today there are also many other intersting places to see.

At least I noticed very fast, that my son seemed not being interested.
He didn’t even realized an airplane in the air. It was very close.

This made my thinking.
I mean, I sit in the bus and just look around. I realize different people, I realize the change of the city passing by the windows.

Yet the teenager next to me didn’t seem to notice anything at all. No by that moment he was not gaming.

Maybe the gamers are not able to realize stuff that is bigger than maybe 1200×1600 pixel?
I am not sure – he was able to find todays lunch!
But in a certain way I am alarmed.

What do you think?
Are the gaming people in your family able to realize nature and architecture around your place?
Leave me a comment.


Picture: Chris Chidsey / Marlborough, Wiltshire, United Kingdom



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