• Financial Markets – broken
  • Greece – broken
  • Spain – nearly broken
  • Italy – downgraded
  • USA – to much debts
  • Euro – in danger
  • World – in pieces.
  • Wall Street – Occupied!

Since 2009 the world seems to be mad.

I have never heard so much about bankrupted and broken economy than the last two years.

We always thought we are worshiping mammon by buying buying buying.

But these days we are worshiping even more, by bailing banks out, by establishing rescue parachutes for broken countries who will never be able to meet the strict rules other countries think necessary for the currency of Europe.

We are worshiping mammon by telling the world that there is not enough money for necessary projects.

When you look around there is always enough money for wars.

It has always been this way, and it will always be this way.

Wars! They tell us these days that the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya are necessary to defend our freedom.

The so called anti-terror laws are also necessary to defend our freedom, to grant our freedom, even if the restrict our personal freedom.

This is mad!

It is also mad that more and more people become poor.

In Berlin every 5th person depends on welfare. Some have small jobs and get money from the government since the wages won’t feed them.

13 million people in Germany are poor, and 8.5 millions don’t have a chance that it will be better in the future.

Rich people become richer every day.

And poor people poorer.

Germans like to donate money for Africa – which is good.

But in Germany people are starving too.

Not that much at the same time as in Africa, but they are starving even those our constitution includes “Social State Principle”.

Why do they starve, like the young mother in Burbach in July 2011?

JobCenters cut off the money they should pay them.

They cut it off to punish them.

So they are left with nothing.

And nobody cares.

Germany’s government cares for Banks.

The chancellor says that it is necessary that Banks should get money from the rescue parachute just like broken countries.

But the government doesn’t want to establish wage floor.

We don’t need that, I guess.

Who cares that hairdressers cut hair for about 3 or 4 Euros per hour?

Who cares that room cleaners just earn 8.50 Euros per hour? This is tariff.

In the USA many people have more than just one job.

They also can’t afford anymore to live.

That’s the fact.

We earn less than we need for living.

We can’t afford to live anymore.

But our governments think it is more important to safe countries and currencies and banks and rich people.

The rich are safe, because most governments don’t dare to raise taxes for them.

Actually I am so fed up with the whole situation.

I am not a communist, I truly believe that people have the right to make money, to be wealthy.

But I am with Karl Marx, who said:

“Eigentum verpflichtet.”

“Ownership has its responsibilities.”

If you are wealthy, you have a responsibility for society.

Not only to pay taxes – and you should pay taxes – but also to care for society.

Usually society makes wealth happen.

If we don’t earn enough money, we can’t participate in society.

We can’t buy the goods our industry is producing.

We should stop to make money that is not connected to goods.

It is crazy that sugar is raising in price since they are gambling at the markets with options.

Same goes for wheat.

Somewhere people are starving because can’t pay for bread anymore.

This is not only crazy, this is irresponsible, this is a shame.

Nothing wrong with making money, because you are a wonderful baker.

Everything wrong with making money, because you deal with wheat options.

Global Change NOW!


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