86 – 84 – 77 – 11 – 228 – 1,164 – 50 – 5 – 2

No the headline is not the way to a hidden treasure or the measurement of a mystic being from outter space.

It’s just the result of a little

Statistic Sunday

A bit boring for every Sunday but now and then 🙂

Some of you might know that I am on a blogging challenge – 31 articles for October.

All in All = 1 article each day in average.
Should boost the traffic.
Hope so 🙂

So yesterday I wanted to know the facts about my blog.

How long do I blog?

  • 86 Days

How many articles have I written?

  • 84 articles including this one

wow seems I am on a personal challenge – one article each day.
So far I did: 0.97 each day.
Not bad 🙂

How many comments did I get?


91% of the articles get a comment.
guess that’s not bad too.

How many categories do I use?

  • 11 categories

This shows my variety and open mind.

How many tags?

  • 228 tags

Which are the most used tags?

  • Deutsch = 35 times
  • English = 52 times

I use these tags to make it easier for my readers to find the language they understand.

How many languages do I use?

  • 2 languages

German aka Deutsch and English.
Each article is tagged with the very language it is written in.

How many total hits?

  • 1,164 hits

Sunday Oct. 16 2011 11 am.
Average of 13.5 hits each day.
Ok we are working on that 😉

What was the day with the most hits?

  • August 23 2011
  • 50 hits

Subject was social politics related

How many people do follow this blog?

  • 5 active followers

Just a couple of numbers, but a blog post with 283 words.


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