Welcome – Facebook and Fall

Thanks to Patricia Gozlan, prosperity coach and also motivation coach for kicking my behind a bit.

I love writing and blogging, but today I was just “I don’t want”.
But a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge ……

While we are talking – just check out Patricia’s wonderful blog.
Even if you don’t think you are the target group, there are so many thoughts we can use for our daily life.

This is a random blog with random thoughts. A bit of musing and meandering.
Mixed and blew up like the leaves in the garden.
Pretty cold outside, yes it is fall, autumn, Indian summer.
Ok skip the summer of Indian we will keep the Indian because of the colors.
I love those colors of the trees in fall.

Image: Makio-Kusahara

In Germany this season Indian summer is called “Altweibersommer” – literally translated “Old-Women’s Summer”.
It sounds a bit rude – towards autumn and towards women.
When you check the meaning, you will find out that in this case “Weiber” doesn’t mean “Women” or “Wives”. The origin is in middle German “weiben”, which means “knüpfen” or “weben” = to tie, to knot , to weave.
A certain kind of spiders use to weave long strings and sail on these through the air.
This is the origin of “Altweibersommer”, because they do it at that special time in the year, when the leaves turn to these wonderful Indian curry colors.

Today is no more summer, neither “Altweiber” nor “Indian”, although the colors of those leaves still at the tree are wonderful.

It started to get cold.
In the morning and late evening you get an idea of the upcoming winter.
Sometimes I wonder that there is no snow already.

Guess there will be a pretty storm later on.
The fir tree in front of my window, 20 m tall, started to dance her storm dance. Waving up and down. I am glad that she doesn’t jump into my room.


What does autumn bring, beside the cold?
A new welcome page or landing page for my fanpage at facebook.
A new orange look for Helz-Design.

Have a look, and if you are no fan, please like us.
Like me sounds so egoistic even being a single woman business.

The shops start to orange up as well.
You can buy tangerines and oranges and mandarins and pumpkins.

Halloween decoration is in the shelves, although Germany is not the heartland of Halloween.
I don’t mind, I like it.

Next to the Halloween decoration, you can spot the first gingerbreads, Christmas lights and chocolate.

I love fall.
I love the hearty dishes that will be served again.

Lovely soups: potato soup, lentil soup, pumpkin soup.
Casseroles and stews. I love carrot hot pot.
You can’t eat that in summer.

And hey, nothing better than a walk in fall, and jump right into the lovely dry heaps of leaves, or feel the rustling leaves cracking underneath your feet.

What do you like about autumn?
What is your favorite food for this season? Leave a comment!


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8 thoughts on “Welcome – Facebook and Fall

  1. Knity on said:

    I love autumn, particulary the amazing colors. I like to walk throug the leafs, also like this special smell of autmn. Light is diffrent to summer, more contrast anything seams to be more clear.
    In the end of summer I`m looking foward for autumn, kniting all day long, having tea or hot chocolate, it ´s so gemütlich
    I like to have anykind of soup, particulary pumkinsoup, carottstew, savoy cabbage, Schlachteplatte something very special in southwest Germany. Down her we have Besenwirtschaft, only in autumn for a few weeks, I love that to.
    @Helen I´m afraid to mention, I think Patricia means Esskastanien I know they does´nt grow in Berlin.But down here, lucky me.

    • thanks knity
      i know what you mean about the colors and the different light

      sometimes the light looks kinda mystersious 🙂
      i love that.

      good idea about the hot chocolate 🙂 will fit for my dinner 🙂

      what is besenwirtschaft?

      i am not so familiar with the eatable chestnuts, guess they are called “maronen” right, the ones you can get on christmas markets – hot

      • Knity on said:

        sorry can´t say it in English
        jetzt muß ich mal klugscheißen
        Aesculus hippokastaneum die Roßkastanie dem Durchschnittsdeutschen schlicht als Kastanie bekannt
        Castanea sative die Ess-oder Edelkastanie auch Marone essbar wie der Name sagt und nur im Süden verbreitet, weil sehr wärmeliebend
        Besen sind quasie “Gaststäten” im Wohnzimmer( man sitzt wirklich im Wohnzimmer der Familie) wo es Landwirtn eine begrenzte Zeit im Jahr (lediglich ein paar Wochen im Jahr zumeist im Spätsommer/Herbst) erlaubt ist ihre Eigenerzeugnisse anzubieten Sussa ( der neu süße Wein) Shlachteplatte…..
        kendlich gemacht wird dieser Sesonale Verkauf durch das gut sichtbare aufängen eines Besens an der Tür oder Hauswand

      • mußte ein wenig tricksen
        er läßt nur 5 antworten zu
        da muß ich basteln

        interessant mit der besenwirtschaft
        ich mag so regionalgeschichten 🙂

  2. Here in upstate NY, United States, our foliage is coloring up nicely. I love apple cider and apple cider donuts, candy apples and fresh apples. Where I live is apple country and we have so many varieties you can’t get in supermarkets. I love their taste and their smell.

    • thanks alana for stopping by 🙂

      i have heard so much about the lovely colors in new england states.
      your description of the different stuff you do with apples just makes my mouth watering 🙂

      germany has also an “apple country” – it is called “altes land” “old country” and is located around hamburg.
      you get very old kind of apple breeding there – not found in supermarkets since supermarkets just want to have the common kinds.

      maybe i should make an apple cake this weekend.

      thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Thank you Helen I’m happy to see you like my blog;)and I admire you for not giving up!
    How could you?;)

    I like the goldish red colors of the leaves and the smell of rain on the grass. I lke the warm sun that says ” I’m still here enjoy as much as you can” and I like the chest nuts on the fire ( castagne in Italian).

    See you soon great blogger!

    • i really like it.
      so full of good tips and great thoughts 🙂

      ah patricia
      sometimes in the evening i am close to give up.
      but than the morning comes and i just do what i do every day!

      the red colors are wonderful, i love the different shades 🙂
      warm sun is appreciated too
      but cold mornings when you have to go out and see your breath running away from you.

      guess you place is a bit warmer than mine these days

      and chest nuts are called “Kastanie” in geman.
      and i love to grab some from the ground and bring them home for the cats to play with.
      imagine the sound on the wooden floor and imagine the headache of my neighbors.

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