Lisa, Career Counsellor, likes to help people

This is our first interview with a strong woman about her career.
Thanks to Lisa for taking the time to answer our questions.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Lisa, I’m a 42 year old self employed Career Counsellor & Work-life Coach.
Many people don’t really understand what I do, but basically I help people with career related matters.

I help people who are unsure about career choice using a variety of career counselling strategies. I also help people who are already pursuing a career to address issues, develop a career progression plan, learn more about further education and training or change jobs.

Another part of my role is assisting people develop a CV, write applications and improve their job interview skills. My day can vary from helping someone prepare a CV, counselling someone who has lost their job due to the economic crisis, to interview coaching someone via Skype to prepare them for an upcoming job interview. Read more →


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2 thoughts on “Lisa, Career Counsellor, likes to help people

  1. Great interview! I loved reading every moment of it. ha, I want an interview! 😛

    Five stars!

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