Heaven on Fire

Recently I have bought a little tripod.
Makes some shots easier.

And I started to experiment with the so-called “Best Shot” equipment of my camera.
There are presets ready installed to enhance certain pictures, like the sports program enhances pictures while the object is moving.

One of the presets is made for sunrises and sunsets.

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2 thoughts on “Heaven on Fire

  1. Vielen Dank, Helen für die wunderschönen Bilder! Sind Sie nicht stolz auf mein Deutsch? Ich kann kein Wort, aber ich bin mit Spaß, da ich die Google Translator gefunden!

    Now that I quit playing the pictures are magnificent.

    • hey grandpa

      vielen lieben dank 🙂
      das deutsch ist toll.

      you don.t have to sent it to google translator:
      thanks a bunch, your german is fantastic 🙂
      i am proud of you – brilliant idea
      thanks for the kudos 🙂

      love xx

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