A blogging Halloween

We are close to Halloween – look at the ticker in the sidebar.

Just 9 more nights to sleep and we will be at the edge of times.


Spooky Times.

I love Halloween.

To celebrate Halloween with the blog I just made a new spooky background.

What are we going to do?

There will be special blog-posts just  for Halloween.

  • Halloween fonts
  • Halloween recipes
  • What can I do with pumpkins – top 10
  • History of Halloween

And  more.

You can send me your spookiest idea via comment or email (have a look at the impressum).

You can leave a comment at Facebook.

You can also send me short stories, you have written.

Than you will be a Halloween-Guestblogger.

Photos – you favorite Jack o’Lantern or your best Halloween costume.

On Halloween we will have a fantastic GuestBlog
by my friend Scott Lenig.

Look forward and stay tuned in.

I want the spookiest Halloween blogging week ever.
Are you with me?

A blogging Halloween everybody.


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4 thoughts on “A blogging Halloween

  1. Love the background! And isn’t it just wonderful how you set out the blog posts to write for the week? Now you are accountable to write them!

    • thanks so much
      i love writing, so i never mind to write a blog post
      but writing a kind of series for an entire week is my personal challenge 🙂

  2. Beautiful background Helen! Speaking about spookie I just made an energy work on my house where I found out by using my coaching energy tools there were some spirits wandering.
    This is normal so I made a clearing exercise asking them to transfrom themselves in light and to go away! I also energized the objects of my house to keep a high vibration and to maintainit always especially when people come and leave some bad energies around!
    How spookie is this?!!

      that is spooky patricia 🙂
      and so suitable for the subject!

      great that you have been able to transform them 🙂
      my sister is also aware of such energy forms.
      and my dad used to say “there is more between heaven and earth than we might be able to think of” 🙂
      love that.

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