History of Halloween (4)

Superstitious Times

Halloween is a spooky time of the year.
The air is filled with superstition.

The reason for all these superstition is the belief of the ancient Celts.
You remember: the veil between our world and the Otherworld is thin.
So spirits from the other side can pass through.
These spirits can be either harmless or harmful.

So we are taking a closer look on Halloween superstition.
I think that most superstitions are necessarily connected with Halloween, maybe they are just practiced at Halloween.

They say that a young, unmarried woman should look into a mirror. A mirror which is located in a darkened room. By doing so, the girl will hopefully catch a glimpse of the face of her future husband.

Maybe it works for old girls too?

Lucky the one, who was able to recognize a male face. The one, who saw the glimpse of a skull were destined to die before marriage.

An other one is quite familiar to me.
We used to play it just for fun.

Again future telling, young women and future husbands are involved.
This time the girl is supposed to carve an apple in one long strip. She has to make sure that the strip won’t break. After finishing she has to toss the peel over her shoulder.
The peel will land in the shape of the first letter of her future husband’s Name.

Do we have apples in the house?

Interesting there are always young girls looking for a husband.
Never a young man looking for a wife.

People also roasted nuts on the hearth and tried to interpreted the movements of the nuts.
Hopefully that was easier as the fortune telling at new year’s eve.
Usually two nuts have been roasted. If they stayed together, the couple would also stay together.

People also dropped egg whites in a glass of water to figure out by the shapes of the egg white how many children they would get.

The veil was thin. So when the clock stroke midnight all people in the house remained silent. They believed that at this time the dead would visit them. By remaining silent they paid their respect.

Babies being born on Halloween are believed to have the gift of second sight.

Catching a falling leaf on Samhain or Halloween before it will touch the ground, will bring you good luck and health for the coming winter.
If you are able to do so, you are fit enough for the winter, 😉

Most of the superstitions are connected with foretelling the future, bringing luck to the very person, or even love, and to ward away evil spirits.

Do you know any special Halloween superstition?
Tomorrow: Costumes

Picture: Ebbers-Art

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4 thoughts on “History of Halloween (4)

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  3. These are different superstitions to ones I have heard, even with a British mother. I like the one about the apple peels. Interesting post.

    • i guess there are so many different superstitions in this world.
      we will hardly ever know all.
      when being a teenager my mom told me about the one with the apple peel, and i remember trying it and desperately wanted that it was the first letter of my boy friend.
      it wasn.t and neither was it the letter of my real future husband. 😉

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