Font of the Week (4) – Halloween

Happy Halloween

Are the invitations for the Halloween Party already send out?
If not, you might get inspired by some Halloween fonts.

I won’t go that much into detail with the Halloween fonts.
The purpose for these fonts is to have some spooky or decorative ones for invitations or posters.
All of them are not suitable for mass texts

You might want to use them for headlines too.

All in all – they are fun to watch.


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2 thoughts on “Font of the Week (4) – Halloween

  1. Nice Fonts, spooky and fun too! Where can we find smart fonts to use instead of fotos inour blogs, can you help me on this Helen? I’m fed up of losing time on seraching smart fotos… Fonts could be a solution here;) Thanks;))

    • what do you mean by smart photos patricia?
      there are some photo databases with pix under CCC license,

      i have written an article about it
      “where to find photos …”

      at dafont.com you can download free fonts

      and usually i do my stuff on my own. like the halloween signs.
      so with some good fonts, a picture processing program like photoshop, illustrator, thegimp or even paint – you can do some nice stuff on your own.
      but you have to use the program – you can also html code to create certain font appearances
      that usually depends on your fonts and on the ones your reader has on her computer.

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