Appropriate Behaviour? – 2

This is a part 2 of a short story I have written a couple of years ago.
Maybe the English is not the best, but it was the best I could do at that time.

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Part 2

What the heck was Brian talking about? She asked herself this question again and again. She wanted to go home as soon as possible but on the other hand, this was the moment she feared most. Brian has never been in such a bad mood before. And his moods could be really bad moods. He never hurt her physically. No, that would not be appropriate! He did it the psychological way. Very subtly. Trying to undermine her self-confidence, to demoralize her. He was the superior one, the one who was far more intelligent than her, or alas he thought he was far more intelligent. The one who understood everybody and everything but not his own wife.

She had to sob again. This was so crazy. What was he talking about? What did he mean by “Is there anything you need to tell me?” She really didn’t understand. The longer she thought about it the less she understood. Her brain worked high speed as usual when she walked home after meeting her friends. Did she tell them anything she wasn’t suppose to tell? What would she reply when he would ask her again: “About what did you talk?”. She knew he was pretending mild interest when he just wanted to control those meetings.

She hasted home, quickly, finding Brian and her 7 year old son sitting at the dining room table. She was standing close to the table, feeling guilty – again – but not knowing what for.

“How could you dare to come over here?” Brian snapped. “I have read them!”

“What did you read?”

“Your e-mails! You betrayed me! All your friends think I am suppressing you. You know that is not right! You have to develop! You attacked me from behind! You are not true to me! You never told them the truth! You just told your side. You have never been objective. You pretend to be the victim. You know that this is not true! YOU DISCREDIT ME” His face seemed to be frozen, he didn’t seem to see her at all.

“But Brian …” she sobbed again.

“Heather it is over! We’ll split. I have explained everything to Timmy.”

“You just can’t involve Timmy”, she cried. “He is to small for that, he can’t bear it.”

“Heather!”, Brian strictly said, “Timmy is much stronger than you expect.”

To Brian, Timmy was always stronger than she thought. But Timmy was a very sensitive boy. He noticed more than they thought. Brian wasn’t able to understand that Timmy’s little problem — he still wasn’t able to use the toilet during nighttime — was nothing Timmy did to annoy them. Just a reaction to the terror in the family. A reaction to Brian.

Most nights Timmy was as well frightened by nightmares. He was hardly able to awake from these nightmares. Brian forced him to awake, very cruel and brutal, mentally brutal. She always stood close to Timmy’s bed, paralyzed to break the brutal force of his father. She kept telling herself that it was helpful for Timmy to have his mom close to him.

“Brian, I expect that you will leave Timmy out! Don’t tell him what is going on!”

“You expect? Oh yeah Miss ’I-am-better-than-you’ expects that everybody does everything like she wants it! Ha Heather, just stop henpecking me!”

“But Brian, Timmy is just a small boy.” Her voice trembled.

“Heather spare me your tears again. I told Timmy everything and full stop. And if you still not know what it is all about. I came across your e-mails. And now take your time to think it over.”

“Brian you didn’t have the right to read my e-mails. It is illegal.”

“Shut up. Who cares if it is illegal? I am your husband. I have the right to know what is going on in my house. And if you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t need to care about me knowing your e-mails.” He looked cold and angrily at her. All of a sudden he left the room heading for his office. She was left alone with Timmy.

Timmy reached for her, hugging her with his soft little arms. “Mommy don’t be sad. It is OK, that daddy talked to me. But you shouldn’t have told your friends about daddy and you.”

She sobbed again. “Oh Timmy, you cute little boy. But it is a bit different as your daddy told you!” He looked interrogatory at her. “Timmy you remember Kevin, the little boy hitting you at the swing?”

“Yeah Mommy, he was nasty.”

„See, you had a problem with Kevin and didn‘t know how to solve it because Kevin refused to talk to you. Therefore, you talked to me and we both found a solution.“ Timmy nodded. “See and like you and me talked about Kevin to solve the problem, I talked to my friends to find a solution for some problems with daddy.”

“Did he also refuse to talk to you, mommy?”

“Yes always.”

… Read final part tomorrow


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