How to motivate my motivation?

Oh no this won’t be a post how to do it exactly.
I am not a coach … at least no one on motivation. I can teach you image processing programs and media design programs … nothing else.

A friend of mine has to visit a motivation course. “Self motivation and self marketing” – sponsored by a German JobCenter.

He told me yesterday, that the teacher or coach in that very class is very strict with the students.
All grown up people.
Coach has asked them about their goals and blocks why they can’t reach their goals.

Haven’t been there, but I bet – since all of them are unemployed – the major goal was “I want to find a job”.

I won’t judge the goals. This is for sure a good goal.
A bit general, but good.

Blocks why they can’t find a job.
My friend told me, if they weren’t able to find a block, the teacher starts to treat them as being handicapped.

Is it really that easy to find a block?
Is the block that I will find easily the real one?

I doubt it.

I have read many good blogs recently dealing with the same subject.

  • Motivation
  • finding goals
  • identify block
  • get rid of the blocks
  • be a new shiny successful person

Blogs that ask, demand, promise:

  • 21 ways to success
  • 15 block and how to get easily rid of them
  • Kick your blocks away today
  • How to kick yourself in your behind
  • A shine road to success
  • Identify your target group now
  • Act don’t rest

And so on and so on.
The titles above have been made up by me to show the road.

I really appreciate all the effort my co-bloggers put in their blogs and their professions.
I also think that they are better coaches than the one my friend has to face these days.

At least I am stuck in the motivation thing and identifying blocks and getting rid of them.
Some also say it is about changing life and that it can be done with a breath.
Just turn around and it is changed.

Yet I am stuck.
I mean if I can name a block and get rid of it, how can it be a block when I can identify it so easily?
And aren’t sometimes circumstances the real block?

How to motivate yourself in todays economical situation?
Germany has about 3,000,000 unemployed people and the jobrate is about 60,000.
That makes 1 job for 50 people.
Some have written about 500 applications in two years.

Do they all have the wrong motivation?
Haven’t they all not identified their blocks?

Or is it just a strategy to put the blame on those who aren’t really to blame?

What do you think?



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6 thoughts on “How to motivate my motivation?

  1. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    True, Helen, very true… What more can I say?! Coaching really needs to go deeper otherwise it runs the risk of shaming and re-traumatising the people who come for support.

    • yes michèle that.s it
      it has to go deeper, it shouldn.t be superficial
      but how can they make it real deep if the group is about 20 people and actually those classes are hold (?) not to support these 20 people, it is to bring money for the owner of the school and to fresh up the statistic for the jobcenter and germany!

  2. My answer is simple- and, therefore, totally self-reliant.
    You proceed in spite…
    You proceed because you know you have to be better than the rest.
    You proceed because you have hope.
    The second you lose all three, you are lost.

    • yes roy that.s right and that.s simple
      but by doing this, you don.t need special classes.

      and in your special field you are better than the rest, and they also have their niche where they are better.!

  3. Hi Helen,

    I’m not in Germany. I’m in the US. However I am a coach. And one of the biggest challenges I see with the personal development industry is that it has grown lack of one key word, PERSONAL. Seminars, workshops, books, audios, blogs, etc… are all great in getting you going in the right direction. And that may be enough for some people. However, it isn’t enough for most people. The remainder of the individuals need someone to help them take off the colored glasses that are preventing them from seeing what is right in front of them. It’s not their fault they can’t see what’s holding them back, they’re too close to the situation. Even with the guidance of a book or blog post, they may not have the realization that their glasses are shaded the same color as their block, thus rendering the block invisible to them.

    Yes, having 1 job for every 50 people makes it next to impossible to secure a job. However, there is one person out of every 50 getting that job. What can your friend do to dramatically increase their chance that they are that one person? It’s not about blame, it’s about giving them the best possible odds that they succeed. Blame is when they accept that they’ll never get a job because of the horrible market out there.


    • thanks nicole
      yes personal is the keyword
      but they can.t be personal since they like the classes to be a mass coaching class.

      i wouldn.t want to pull out my inner helen in front of people i don.t know.

      and yes having somebody you trust who is able to lend a helping hand to sort out is a precious treasure
      and the rate 1:50 according jobs is poor, but there is always the ONE who gets the job.

      what can my friend do?
      find a good coach and than be just himself
      that.s what makes him special and unique and outstanding.

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