A word in English …

I am blogging …in English and in German.
Sometimes only in English or only in German.
But subjects that are close to my heart or are important for my business will be “honored” with a post in both languages.

How do I do it?

A couple of years ago I set up my first website.
I wrote the entire text in German and than I translated it.
The translation was ok, but not good.

The drive was missing.
I was sticking to much to the original German text.

But it had to be an English text, not just a translation of a German text.
Having this in mind, I have changed the way of writing.

Usually I’ll write the English text first, as I did now.
And than I‘ll re-write it in German.
Not translating it, the English text will be my sketch but the German text is a text of it’s own.
Sometimes I even add new thoughts to it.

So each text – even with the same subject – is a text, a work of its own.
It is unique.



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6 thoughts on “A word in English …

  1. I have enough challenges blogging in one language. I have never had the knack of learning languages. Thank you for blogging in English so we English readers can enjoy what you have to say.

    • thank you for stopping by alana 🙂
      i am pretty happy having had the opportunity to learn english
      i would love to master another language too.
      and it is fun for me to write 🙂

  2. We appreciate your effort.
    Of course, even though I can read German (very poorly), I would probably skip your posts and, therefore, miss out on your wonderful ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • thanks roy 🙂
      by your name i would guess that you have german ancestors.
      i was close to recommend a good german teacher for you – but she is based in the UK.
      at least you are able to read german, which means you know more languages than just your mother tongue.
      so do i 🙂

      i guess it is important to be able to communicate with our fellow humans 🙂

  3. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    Fascinating – and how brilliant to be able to work like that in 2 languages!

    • thanks michèle
      and i hope that the english is not that bad that people might not enjoy reading my thoughts in english.

      to me it is fun 🙂

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