1th Advent

We are celebrating the first Advent.
Advent means coming.

It is the begin of the lovely pre-Christmas-time.
People are getting hectic.
Most of us start to bake cookies.
We are running around to get the Christmas presents.

Some even set up a tree.
In Germany we set up the tree on Christmas Eve.
Advent is the time of the Advent Wreath.
Children are happy with their Advent calendar.

And we are counting the days until Christmas.

Hope that everybody has a very happy 1st of Advent.
Light the first candle and enjoy with a cup of tea.

What does this time of the year mean to you?



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2 thoughts on “1th Advent

  1. Your picture is STUNNING! Well we do our tree much earlier in the US. The live ones have been for sale since a week ago. Crazy becuase they will be all dried out and horrible by Christmas. I usually do ours around on the first weekend and even then it is very dried out by Christmas. My goal this year is to have a meaningful and as peaceful holiday as possible. Even if it means skipping a few things I tell myself are traditional and I MUST do… maybe this year no and next year yes and next year no to different things… Happy Holidays Helen. xoxo

    • happy holiday alessa 🙂

      thanks for the kudos.
      sometimes i am envy of the US, since you have your christmas tree so early
      on the other hand, i can do really without a dry one on christmas eve – imagine the cats playing catch and hide with tree and balls.

      so setting it up on christmas eve and enjoy it until jan 6th (+ a couple of days) – and than it will be dry anyway.

      yes a peaceful holiday should be this years goal.

      what are the traditions you are going to skip and to full fill?

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