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AdventskalenderAdvents Calendar

Every German child has an Advents Calendar.
If you just want to buy it you can get them in stores, filled with chocolate.

In former times, there have been just colorful pictures behind each door.

Advents Calendar have very strict rules: just one door or package each day.
I still remember the day, when I got my first calendar with chocolate inside.
My Grandmother had bought it for me.
But she didn’t trust the “modern ways”, they could have told her anything.
So she took me on her lap and said: “We are going to examing this thing.”
And then we opened each tiny little door, took the chocolate outside and placed it in a little bowl.
I was allowed to take one piece of chocolate each day.

Years ago I sewed a calendar for my son, with little bags to be filled.

Idea was: if he doesn’t want to have a calendar anymore, I can use that one for decoration purpuse. You can stock anything inside.
He turns 15 next Monday and is still fond of a calendar.
The calendar helps to wait for Christmas.

On one picture you see a calendar with Christmas lights – this is one a friend of mine made for me in 2010.
Personally I am very fond of the old fashion ones, with the little pictures behind each little door.



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2 thoughts on “1 – Advents Calendar

  1. showard76 on said:

    My children are 17 & 18 now, and STILL want an advent calendar each year 🙂

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