2 – Baking baked Apples

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Backen bakingBratapfelbacked Apple

One of the best activity before Christmas is backing.
I love it.

I also like to bake now and then during the rest of the year – birthday cake is mandatory, although the most important one has to be ready on December 5th :).

But cookie backing is for sure for Christmas.
I will share my favorite recipe on Sunday, so watch out for the Advents Sunday blog.

When I was a kid my Mom used to bake tons of cookies. At least I got that impression.
She was busy on many days during Advent.

Her favorite cookie was called “Spritzgebäck” – shortbread cookies.
She kneaded the dough by hand and then it was proceeded via a mincer an biscuit maker.

Very rarely she used the star-shaped figure. I loved that figure.
We used to make a longer rope and shape our first letter with it.

Christmas times – the air is filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies and if you are on the lucky side, also with the smell of baked apples.

We love to fill them with marzipan and raisins and serve it with a vanilla sauce.


what is your favorite activity before Christmas?



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4 thoughts on “2 – Baking baked Apples

  1. Love the press to form the dough. It is definately the season to cook!

    • yes it was always a highlight when she took out that machine – she never used it for meat, always for cookies
      what are you backing alessa?

  2. “KInder kommt und ratet, was im Ofen bratet”

    Now I’m getting hungry 😉

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