3 – “How lovely is that ornament”, Baby Jesus smiles

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Christbaumschmuck – Christmas Tree Ornaments – Christkind – Baby Jesus

I love Christmas tree ornaments.
And I love it when it glitters, the more the better.

Yes tinsel please, and lots of candles.

Every family has own traditions.
Some people like it very pure, with straw in the tree, and they lit the candles only at dinner time.

Others, like my family, have a sparkling tree.
No usually no colorful lights, that’s not the German way. Pure plain white light.

In former times, my family used to have real candles on Christmas Eve.
And later on my dad installed the electric light chain.

Therefore our christmas tree was glowing the whole season.

And I am a blessed girl, having Christmas ornaments from decades.
Got the ones of my mom and dad, got the ones of my former father in law, have some which I bought myself and some which I bought with my former husband.
Every piece has its story.

Unfortunately Germany has not a tradition with figurines. So Stars, Balls and little bells are the most common ones.
Check the picture – I am lucky, some figurines found the way to my tree – little ducks – Ikea made it happen.

Christmas Eve – the day when German children get their presents.
Some regions are not served by Santa Claus.

I grew up with the “Christkind” – Baby Jesus, being responsible for the presents.
I am sure, the “Christkind” was very happy with the tree my dad used to decorate.

Do you have a favorite Christmas tree decoration?
One of my favorite ones is black-white and fury 🙂



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3 thoughts on “3 – “How lovely is that ornament”, Baby Jesus smiles

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  2. Great decorations. Still waiting for Korcula to get its bling on. Your post reminded me of the annual faffing with the Christmas lights, inevitably there would be one that had somehow stopped working when they were all packed away in their box. Spares were available and there was always the challenge of finding which 1 of the wee coloured lights had stopped the whole set from working!

    • those lights have not only the talent to die during summer, they are also able to mix up, even if you lay them side by side and tidily wrapped up in the boxes, and don.t move the boxes.

      tomorrow we will talk about decorations in general – especially outside deco 🙂

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