4 – A world in Decoration

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Christmas time is time of decoration.
We don’t only decorate the Christmas tree, sometimes I have the feeling as if people start to decorate anything that gets into their hands.

Houses, windows, tables, walls, doors, roofs, even heads and recently I found some Christmas “jewelry” – ok I confess, I am freaky enough to own some of the latter one ;).

The little Reindeer above has a little blinking red nose, when you switch it on 🙂

You can find red Santa Clauses sitting on roofs…

hanging on walls …

huge snowmen made out of plastic …

garlands in any shape and style …

… simple stars …

or light ornaments everywhere …blinking, changing color.
Some balconies are lightened in a way that they seem to need an extra power plant.

I am a huge fan of the small tiny lights of the Christmas light chains, but I get highly irritated when they are do something else than just being light.

We also decorate our Advent’s plate for our daily tea or coffee … some German’s are very fond of “Dominosteine” – “Dominoes” – no they have nothing to do with the game … it is all about eating.
Those are a kind of candy made in layers, gingerbread is included, some jelly, marzipan and chocolate.
And they are ohhhh soooooo good.

Again I found some fury decoration recently.

What is the most freaky or fancy decoration you have ever seen?
Please post a picture 🙂



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3 thoughts on “4 – A world in Decoration

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  2. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ornaments for the Christmas tree!

    As much as I like Mickey Mouse AND Christmas decorations, I don’t think those two belong together.

    BTW I’m writing this while enjoying a cup of coffee and some domino cubes. Thanks to Aldi and LIDL I can get them in England, too!

    • a friend of mine told me, that she is proud owner of such ornaments.
      she promised to send me proving pictures after christmas ;D

      i am also still in doubt about the combination.

      so you don.t need a care package dear angelika 🙂
      hail to aldi and lidl 🙂

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