5 – In dulcio jubilo

5 E

Engel – Angel – Eierpunsch – Eggnog

Angels, one of the most exhausting jobs you can have before Christmas.
You have to jubilate, have to run around announcing births, playing harp, singing corals, being able to fly and looking good – don’t forget to be good as an angel.

So maybe angels just want to relax and drink an eggnog?

My favorite recipe is a vegan one.


1 liter Soymilk – preferable with vanilla
1 package (250 g) of silken tofu.

Process both in a food processor.
Add some vanilla, some curcuma, brown sugar to taste
and 1 cup of brandy or whiskey (if you like).

Cool in the fridge and enjoy.

15 years ago today a very important birth in my life had to be announced.
My son was born.
Happy birthday darling


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2 thoughts on “5 – In dulcio jubilo

  1. Happy Birthday to your son.
    It’s many years since I last had egg nog, I’m not sure if you can get tofu here, will look and if so might give it a try. I’d have to drink it all myself🙂 my husband doen’t drink alcohol.

    • thanks dianne🙂

      you can enjoy the vegan egg nog without alcohol too.
      i usually make it without since i don.t fancy booze that much

      when being with the ex i had to drink it also all by myself – he didn.t like soymilk at that time😛

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