6 – Traditional Fruit Cake


6 F

Früchtekuchen – Fruit Cake – Familie – Family

Happy St Nicholas.
Today the shoes of German children have been filled with sweets.
St. Nicholas has awarded them.

Lovely traditions.

Recently I figured out that there are more traditions than we usually think.
For example: you can find honey cakes and fruit cakes in the stores now.
Only for Christmas.

Sure I had to buy some 🙂
And I am the only one in the family who likes them.

Tomorrow I am going to buy some “Stollen” – a special German fruitcake.
Tons of raisins are in them, and almonds.

When I was a little child we used to get them via parcel from the aunt of my mom.
Special baked “Dresdner Christstollen” – the great nephew used to bake thm.


In summertime my mom had send care packages to her family living in the GDR or as my mom used to say “in the east”.
Raisins, candid orange and lemon peel, almonds, packages with soups and sauces, and coffee, tons of coffee.
My Mom told me that Auntie Hulda was not able to buy these things at their place.

And at the beginning of December we got one or two packages back.
Filled with “Stollen” which was decorated with a fir twig.
They were usually made with a special icing made out of sugar, melted butter and powdered sugar.

Nothing tasted better than these fruit cakes … and I never got them again.
You can’t buy the magic of these special “Stollen”.



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