8 – Silent Night …


8 H

Heilig AbendChristmas Eve

Day Number 8 of this special Advents Calendar.
8 = H.

The German name for Christmas Eve is Heilig Abend – oh Holy Night.

As I told you before, German children will get their presents either from Santa Claus or Baby Jesus, the Christkind.
No matter who is responsible for them, the job will be done on Christmas Eve.
Sure Santa needs Christmas morning for the rest of the world.
So we just help a bit to save time.

Christmas Eve, the most magical day in the whole year.
It brings back memories of a childhood long ago.

xmas light

I remember the days we had to spend with an old aunt – sure my parents needed the time and space to set up the tree and arrange everything.

We came home, and had some “Stollen” and then my dad needed to go to the bathroom.
We knew that the Christkind was on his way to arrive.
And my dad ……
…… will he be back on time?……
Usually he was the last one entering the living room after we heard that little tender bell ringing, calling us to watch the most terrific tree on earth.
Sure it was daddy heading to the living room and lightening all the magic.



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3 thoughts on “8 – Silent Night …

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  2. Lovely story. Happy childhood memories are precious.

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