12 – Bright shining Tinsel


12 L


früher war mehr lametta

Christmas tree, ornaments, balls, angels, stars, lights … what ever you hang on the tree, it is not perfect without


This makes the glitter prefect.

Yes I love it, I adore it.
I store it in nearly all color I could get: red, blue, golden, orange and silver.

Tinsel, the stage for the lights to glitter.

When I will have trimmed my tree on Christmas eve and decorated it with as much tinsel I can hang on it, I will sit back and enjoy some Gingerbread.

My mom used to send me lovely boxes filled with it.


Now enjoy a famous comedy scene by Germany’s best Comedian Loriot.
The old grandfather moans all the time:
“Früher war mehr Lameta” – “Years ago we used to have more tinsel”.


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