13 – Kisses are sweeter than Marzipan


13 M

Marzipan – Marzipan – Mistelzweig – Mistletoe

Sorry for the long delay.
Website issues and shoulder issues don’t go well together for helz.

So lets deal again with the lighter side of life.
Preparing Christmas.

Christmas time  = Marzipan time.
You can get “Marzipan bread” = Marzipan covered with chocolate in big bars, “Marzipan potatoes” = little balls cover with cacao.

And later on in the year – on New Year’s eve – you can Marzipan shaped into little pigs whishing you luck for 2012.

I have to make a confession.
I have never been kissed underneath a mistletoe.
Isn’t that a shame?


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2 thoughts on “13 – Kisses are sweeter than Marzipan

  1. I love marzipan! have to make my own, can’t get it here in Turkey only very occasionally.

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