14 – Sweet times


14 N

Nougat – Nougat – Nikolaus – Santa Claus

You know my favorite candy or chocolate for the holidays?
It is nougat!
Not real chocolate, not nutella, not anything else – soft tender melting nougat.

Take a good cup of tea and some pieces that come wrapped up in golden foil.

Maybe there is a little confusion about Nikolaus, Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
That guy comes with many many names.

His purpose?
Caring for the children.

These days he runs around dressed up in a red suit with a white beard and a red hat.
In former times he has been more elegant.
Wearing a white or golden robe. Everybody knew he was a gentlemen, a bishop, a kind of peer.
He cared for the poor, sharing his wealth.

And then Coca-Cola came around – a couple of centuries later – and messed it all up.
Now he has to wear this red suit and jump through chimneys.

And you can get him as shaped chocolate too – if you are lucky: filled with nougat.



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