4th Advent

Next week we are going to celebrate Christmas.
And finally I am looking forward!

It is not so easy to get into Christmas mood anymore.
Is it because we are getting older?
Where is the magic of my childhood?

In my opinion it is getting to hectically.
All about selling and shopping and commerce.

Ads are yelling at us for weeks now: tops, perfumes, electronically stuff.
Buy buy buy.

A German shop “Media Markt” claims: “Christmas will be judged underneath the Christmas tree.”
A competition about the most expensive present.

It is no competition.
It is Christmas.

Christmas can be contemplative, joyful and funny, but not hectically.

Are you looking forward to Christmas?



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5 thoughts on “4th Advent

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  2. The last few Christmases I have found myself doing LESS. Fewer Christmas cards, less feeling obligated to attend EVERYTHING, putting out a little less decor. I have found that I am feeling less overwhelmed and more joyful. Some of our presents are even things I didn’t buy. A reference document on identifying fishes that I found and had laminated for my boyfriend. It will be waterproof on the boat and cost $1.19 to laminate. He will love it as much as a $100 computer app. I was given a mouse in the shape of a car by a supplier at my business. I am putting it in my son’s stocking. I am regifting a wallet for my mom. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought gifts too but that is NOT what it is all about. AND Tammie & I are enjoying new friends, like you, that we have met through our internet world. Merry Christmas to you Helen! xoxo

    • thanks so much alessa
      merry christmas to you too
      i also enjoy my friends and new friendships like ours

      as i said to angelika – i love homemade stuff
      so the laminated document you are going to give to you bf is perfect 🙂

      thinking about the one you are going to give a gift to is the most important thing 🙂
      yes and sometimes i buy prezzies too 🙂

  3. Yes, I am looking forward to Christmas.

    I very rarely watch TV so haven’t seen (hardly) any of the ads and I ignore any commercialism I come across in town.For me, presents need to be thoughtful not expensive!

    I’m glad you’re looking forward to Christmas – ignore the hectic 😉

    • you haven.t missed anything angelika – it is just annoying.

      i love to give people homemade stuff.
      my sis gets a little parcel with cookies and cakes …

      and yes i don.t want it hectic – so off with it 🙂

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