17 – I just can’t wait anymore …


17 Q

Quengeln – Nagging

Really I suffer with my British and American friends.
How do you survive the fact “Santa is bringing the presents on Christmas morning”?
Dear me, no kids will sleep that night.

To me as a former child and a mother it was always a torture to wait until Christmas eve about 5pm.
Calming down the child was a challenge – hopefully it will be better this year, he is 15 by now.

The deepest impact in nagging because Santa is taking so long was made by my sister and our dog.
I guess she was about 10 or 11 years old.
Actually she knew already that daddy had his hands on the presents, but we still had to wait.
So we sat there in the kitchen, having the wonderful “Stollen” from Auntie Hulda and waited for the tender ring of the bell which allowed us to enter the living room.

My sister was very excited. She expressed it with every word she could use.
And then one quiet moment we heard a high yelping from the bench next to her.
Our dog was nagging too, she also couldn’t wait anymore.

And it was Christmas eve.


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