19 – Let it Snow


19 S

Schnee – Snow – Sterne – Stars

Everybody is waiting for a “White Christmas”, no matter how many Christmas cards we write.
Don’t know the situation at your place, but there won’t be “White Christmas” in Berlin. So Robert Downey jr. and Vonda Shepard sing in vain for me.

So what to do?
There has been so much snow the last two years that I just enjoy pictures with snow in Berlin.
The pix have been taken between December 2009 and January 2011.
Tons of snow – and a bright shining star added by me🙂

We all love stars at Christmas.

At Lake Tegel:



Farm house in Hermsdorf:



In the garden of my house:


Fir tree in front of my window:

View to the museum next door:


Public Park Wilmersdorf:



Village Church of Hermsdorf – View from my living room window:




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4 thoughts on “19 – Let it Snow

  1. Beautiful photos, Helen! No snow here in Canada but I’m not complaining! Dry and warmish weather works for me🙂

  2. We don’t get snow in this part of Turkey so won’t be a white Christmas for me😦

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