57 Things I have learned in 2011

I read this at the blog of Angelika Davey of Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation .
What a fantastic idea my dear.

Had to steal it and make up my own mind.
I was pondering a while ago about doing a review of 2011. And this is the perfect way. 🙂
Thanks to entrepreneursolo and Sarah Arrow , who both inspired Angelika.

My list and review:

  1. You can make good friends, even if you are older than 25.
  2. You can also make good friends on the internet.
  3. You can find friends you thought you have lost on facebook again.
  4. Sometimes you have to learn that this boy from high school-exchange never noticed you when you have been in love with him during that spring…
  5. … and that he talks more with you on facebook than he has talked to you in that very spring.
  6. You will always recognize friends from the internet you are going to meet in off line life.
  7. You can find clients on the internet.
  8. Social Media just rocks.
  9. Most times I am able to find a way out of a huge problem.
  10. I was able to help my son with behavioral therapy.
  11. Reading the newspaper on line saves a lot of money …
  12. … and you can read more than just one newspaper.
  13. Some people humble you, just that they can feel better.
  14. Sometimes a bad critic doesn’t mean that you are really bad, but that the other one just wants you to feel bad.
  15. Being yourself is not always easy.
  16. Being yourself is the only way to be.
  17. Some people have strange ideas what “being yourself” should mean.
  18. Some people expect that you should follow their strange ideas.
  19. I love writing.
  20. I love writing in German and in English, …
  21. …sometimes I think I love writing in English more.
  22. I love learning new stuff by following tutorials.
  23. I know I will never completely master programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign…
  24. … but I am pretty good at them …
  25. … I guess I am even better than average at those programs.
  26. Most people love my work…
  27. … and I love my work too.
  28. I love a certain independence.
  29. I am an individualist.
  30. I love the wind in my hair.
  31. Motivating a teenager of 15 is one of the hardest and most difficult things in the world, still looking for a way.
  32. I am able to set up my own website.
  33. Questions on set up problems concerning the very website won’t always be answered …
  34. … sometimes not properly
  35. … sometimes with strange ideas about the problem.
  36. I still have the question: are people really listening?
  37. Most times I know what my clients want, even if they haven’t expressed it clearly.
  38. Berlin S-Bahn won’t be able to solve their problems, although they are working on them in the 3rd year.
  39. Still have to master the lesson: “How do I find customers?” – any ideas?
  40. Digging own hole makes it always the biggest hole for me.
  41. I have good days …
  42. … and I have bad days.
  43. Not sure if I ever will be able to flirt properly.
  44. I love blog challenges.
  45. I have met many interesting people during blog challenges.
  46. I have learned fantastic stuff during blog challenges.
  47. I am looking forward to new blog challenges.
  48. Writing blog articles makes me feel young again … like being in the journalist office of the local paper of my hometown.
  49. I am not able to handle the gas stove properly.
  50. I have burned a lot of chicken nuggets for the son in 2011.
  51. Mastered some interesting features of Illustrator just last week.
  52. I like George Clooney.
  53. Josh Woodward is a fantastic musician.
  54. Christmas songs get boring on December 27th.
  55. Teenagers can be a greater challenge than a toddler…
  56. … but as toddlers, the teenagers will grow too, and finally it will be over.
  57. Finally: I don’t know that Fenton video everybody is mentioning.

My year review:

  • January … suffered from that bad bronchitis … Camille was very worried.
  • February … still coughing … Camille was even more worried.
  • March … tried to find a room in a senior’s home for my mom and helped my son with anxiety disorders. Found a psychologist for him.
  • April …my mom died … miss her :(. Thanks to all my friends for their good thoughts.
  • May … burried my mom … nevertheless I had a good time with my sister in our home town.
  • June … operation …thanks to Camille for the night chat before I called 911 and thanks to Ros for the Ferrum
  • July … birthday … had a great night with Angie, who popped in at midnight.
  • August … holidays and the summer was not that hot! Thanks to St. Peter.
  • September … back to school. Although I love the sleeping in when we are on holidays, it is always a relief when school starts again.
  • … Love the nice telephone chats with Angie.
  • … first blog challenge … thanks to Nikki Pilkington … was awesome … met Ruth Seba, Angelika Davey, Michele Taylor, Sharon Howard and many more
  • October… second blog challenge @Michelle Shaeffer’s … met Patricia Gozlan, Roy A.Ackerman, Alessa of the CarolinaHeartStrings, Martha Giffen … and wrote 55 blog articles in one month.
  • November… fog and rain and rain and fog …and a lovely skype session with Michele … still enjoy it in my mind.
  • December …my son turned 15 and Christmas … my personal blog challenge: the Advents Calendar.

Some things my cats will never learn:

  • A cat body is not made out of glass, so people cant look through it.
  • Cat hair is not the appropriate ingredients for tea and other liquid stuff.
  • Knitting can be done without cat hair.

Bye bye 2011 … the first half was bad, very bad, but the second half was better, really good.

Thanks everybody for mails, telephone calls, cups of tea, letters, parcels, cakes, hugs, kisses and love.

Special thank to
my sister Knity
my best mate Angie
my son, the Tangerteen.

Happy New Year


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8 thoughts on “57 Things I have learned in 2011

  1. Absolutely loved this post and I’ve learned some of the same things. Honestly, I didn’t think #1 was possible and now that I’m over 30, I can say that we can STILL make good friends 🙂

    Here’s to a fantabulous 2012!!


    • thanks kesha
      me thinks that we are never to old to learn and to make good friends.
      i am a bit older than you and i never want to lose this ability
      love and hugs xxx

  2. Nice review Helen, glad the year got better! That was a harsh start, hoping for a fun filled 2012 for you. Let’s kick that off tomorrow, see you at 12 x

  3. Thanks for the mention, love the post, but have bad news for you about no 56 – it’ll never be over 😉

    Here’s to a fantastic 2012!

    • you are a bit cruel my dear – couldn.t dream just for 10 minutes that dream that they might grew out
      what about this? even if they don.t grew out of this stuff … maybe i can jet to new york when they have their tantrums with 25 ;D.
      with 3 i had to stay in the same house
      with 15 in the same city
      with 25 maybe just on the same planet?

  4. showard76 on said:

    Great review 🙂 Thank you the mention and for the lovely bookmarks! They will come in handy for my reading challenge for 2012 (50 books minimum to read for the year!) xx

    • thanks sharon 🙂
      you are very very welcome.
      50 books is one a week 🙂
      that will be great – will you blog which books you are reading?
      i would like to produce lets say 25 books in 2012 🙂

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