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I recently came across the “12 days of Christmas series” of Michèle Taylor.

Ok I didn’t stumbled over it. I am subscribed to Michèle’s blog so it was delivered right into my mailbox.

I am quite thrilled by her idea, and it is wrapped up very nicely in the poem or song about “12 days of Christmas”. The blog makes me think about my life? What is important to me? How do I deal with it? Which values do I follow?

Have to admit, I am still a bit stuck on day 2 :

  • The list of personal values.

Lovely exercise Michèle provides to us.

I am so in with the cup of tea – yes I managed that perfectly.

I have printed the list and marked values that are important to me.

Values like:

  • Compassion,
  • Creativity,
  • Integrity,
  • Respect,
  • Tolerance,
  • Friendship,
  • Love,
  • Understanding,
  • Well-being.

Due to some circumstances during the last couple of weeks in 2011 and by thinking it over carefully, most important to me is:


Independence contains nearly everything I want and need.

There is a certain freedom in it, individuality, ethics – I guess even the money issue can be met properly by independence.

What does it mean to me?

Still thinking about it.

But most of all: not being controlled by others.

My time is my time, my thoughts are my thoughts, and my bank account is my bank account.

Freedom to do what I want, to think what I want, to spend my money for what I want, to look like how I want to look like.


A sweet word.

It doesn’t mean to be outside of society, it doesn’t mean not to care.

You can be independent but listen to other people, listen to their opinions – but you don’t have to adapt their opinions as if there were nothing else in this world.

Independence means that you are able to feed the family with the money you have earned.

You are able to have a comfortable life at your own means.

I don’t need much money, all I want is to live well, to be able to buy the food we need, to buy healthy food, to travel a bit, to buy the clothes we need and not to think “shall I buy the scarf this month or rather the gloves?”

And the idea that people won’t try to change me to meet their own ideas how I should be, to form me to their own image, to be accepted for what I am …

Indepencence – also from organizations like welfare, working agency …

Yet the question is: how to gain independence?

Any ideas?


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2 thoughts on “Values in Life

  1. showard76 on said:

    I’ve also been following these posts from Michele, and have yet to get past the values stage, lol – when I’m done I’ll share my results too 🙂

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