Social Media Rocks

… oh yes.

Although I have spent a fantastic day with Ruth Seba of Seba-Silver in Berlin, I won’t tell you about it. Not today.
Stay tuned in for tomorrow.

Today I have to tell you about a little star.
A star, that came to my house.
It is blue, and its edges are silver.

It flew over from France to Berlin.
It is lovely, and now it lives on my candle bearer, which hangs underneath my ceiling.
A big thank you to Wendy Wise and Claire Morris .
It looks so great, and I am a bit unhappy that I wasn’t able to photograph it properly.

Why did I get that star?
I won it in a little contest.
I liked and shared a blogpost … and Wendy and Claire draw me.

Thanks so much for it.
Yes Social Media rocks.
You meet fantastic people, you read wonderful blog posts, you have terrific discussions … and I won a blue star.

And tomorrow I will tell you about part 2 of the rocking Social Media.

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4 thoughts on “Social Media Rocks

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  3. I’m so glad you like it Helen! I bought one of Claire’s dragonflies for my husband at Christmas, it’s lovely.

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