Social Media Rocks – Meeting Ruth

As promised yesterday I am telling you about my fantastic meeting with Ruth Seba of SebaSilver.

Ruth is not the first girl, I have met on the Internet and later on met in person, but the first one I have met on Facebook.

Sometimes it happens that you spot a name in a group or on a friend’s page and you get attracted to that.

I was attracted by Ruth’s name when I entered the 30-Day-blogging-challenge group down in September 2011. Soonly we started to read and comment each other’s blogs.

Was fun.

Than we started to send private messages via Facebook, emails and we also worked together.

Lovely interaction.

I have enjoyed every minute so far.

Last week Ruth and her husband flew over from Croatia to visit Berlin.

The day after their arrival she called me and we had a lovely chat on the phone.

A bit strange, as always for the first time, but no moment without being able to talk, no moment of hesitation.

Enjoyed that too.

We made an appointment for Jan 2nd – at Sony Center close to Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

I waited inside the Sony Center, watched the working guys taking down Christmas decorations and later on started to worry.

I guess you know those worries. “Will they find the place?” – “Will we recognize each other?” – “Will they show up?” etc.

I run around, watching people, trying to figure out, and expecting more than just one person.

Nobody showed up.

So I texted Ruth.

Yes, she was close, but I didn’t understood which entrance of Sony Center she was talking about.

And heck, my cell phone needed more money to work  – it still does.

So I was begging that she might text me again or call me …

… she texted me … I hurried downstairs and sure we recognized each other … immediately!

And it was as if we had known each other for ages.

Talking like sisters somehow.

We explored the city a whole day. Not caring that we had to pay the prize for the pretty hot weather.

January 2nd and the temps had been up to 13°C – similar “hotness” as at the beginning of July 2011 as the paper told me today.

It purred water over our heads – no umbrellas, no hats.

But it didn’t matter.

I so far enjoyed the day really.

We explored some of the lovey tiny shops close to Oranienburger Straße, Hackesche Höfe … China, Cards, Toys, Pearls and Fashion

We had a lovely tea in a Taiwan Tea-“snack”-bar.

Later on great Indian food.

Yes it was great.


Maybe later … we did some shots but … yes we need somebody to make proper photos.

And I also need to get proper photos of something very special that is hidden in this wonderful purple bag … it is very special, and I am so happy about it, it is so lovely, so wonderful … yes I will show you … when I will get proper photos.


Meeting again at the weekend.

Yes Social Media rock.


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5 thoughts on “Social Media Rocks – Meeting Ruth

  1. Michele Taylor Coach on said:

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing – even if I couldn’t be there in person!

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  3. I am guessing that Ruth brought you a little treasure! How wonderful for you two to meet. I have enjoyed interacting with both of you too! Fun post!

    • yes alessa you are pretty right 🙂
      but the flash-light takes to much of it and so i.ll have to wait for good daylight to photograph it 🙂
      thanks so much for your nice comment 🙂

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