10 Places I would like to visit

10 Places I would like to visit

I like traveling.
Have seen wonderful pictures of wonderful road trips of wonderful friends in 2011.
Yes would like to do all those road trips too.

So here is my top 10 list of places I would like to visit.

10. Sweden

Sweden is more than just IKEA.
I have never been there, but from pictures I have seen it must be fantastic.
Far up in the north, with lots of wild ocean, seas, lakes, wide wide meadow, wilderness, few people, friendly people, special people.
I really like the informal way of the Swedish people.

9. Scotland

© Peter Freitag pixelio.de

Scotland, the land of clans.
I have to admit, that I dream of Scotland since I was a teenager.
There is certain wildness in the country. Something, that can’t be tamed.
In my dreams there is always a wide but gray sky over the land of Scots.

8. Egypt

© Steffi Pelz pixelio.de

Another guilt pleasure from my teenage years.
I loved to read anything about Egypt when I was younger.
Queen Hatshepsut made me dream. Howard Carter finding the grave of Tutankamun. Ramsses fighting the battle of Kadesh, and finally Cleopatra meeting Caesar.
So lets explore the Pyramids and the graves on our own.

7. Canada

© Maria Lanznaster pixelio.de

Again the range of the country is what attracts me most.
You can drive for weeks without meeting somebody.
And then imagine the colors of the Indian Summer.
All this red, and yellow, and orange.
It is a symphony in leaves.
A bonus: meeting my friend Shelly in Nova Scotia.

6. Round Trip UK

Yes my friends infected me with the idea of round trips.
My idea of this is “UK Random”.
Just hire a car and drive.
No goals – no idea where you will end in the evening.
Isn’t that a fantastic idea of freedom?

5. Los Angeles

The city of Angeles.
Since I have been in San Francisco in 2000 I am in love with the West Coast of the USA.
Yes I would like to climb the Hollywood hills, sit in a Starbucks on Sunset Strip, walk the Walk of Fame and jump right into the Pacific Ocean.
An extra bonus: finally meeting my long term internet friend Shannon in Long Beach.

4. Round Trip USA

© Olaf Schneider pixelio.de

A random trip like the UK one but not that random.
Many friends are to be visit in the USA.
Camille in Indiana, Laura in Massachusetts, Michaela in Minnesota, Lisa in New York … I have made a list, there are about 20 places I have to go to.
Would be fun, much fun.

3. Route 66

© W. Broemme pixelio.de

The route of dreams and freedom.
Have to ride it by bike – yes it might be a cliché but what a big one.
Nothing more to say.

2. Australia

© rafiki pixelio.de

Call me crazy, but I would like to hire a camper and  take the road at the coast and then round the continent.
Friends to visit too, but they are living quite handy at the coasts.
Ant in Queensland, Michael in Sydney and Rodrigo and family in Perth.
Recently I have learned that the Norwegian coast is much longer than the Australian.
So what …

1. California

© Kurt F. Domnik pixelio.de

Yes the land of my dreams.
How can’t I, since the state flower of California is the golden poppy, a wonderful orange.
This state combines my two loves – the ocean on one hand and lovely soft hills like the ones in my home area “Sauerland” on the other hand.
Riding highway 101 brings back soft memory and strengthens the dreams … and finally meeting Ryan.


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7 thoughts on “10 Places I would like to visit

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  2. showard76 on said:

    great post, some overlap of places with those featured in my ‘armchair traveller’ post ( http://showard76.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/travel-tuesday-10-dream-holiday-locations-the-armchair-traveller/ )
    It’s nice to dream of the places we’d like to visit, I wonder how many of them we will actually achieve!?

    • i am def going to make the uk trip happen one day – uk is lose to me 🙂
      and i would like to visit the usa again – somehow
      not sure if the roadtrips are going to happen, maybe it will be a flight round about 🙂

      i love traveling
      i hope one day i have enough resources to make short trips
      need to visit a friend in northern italy for a weekend
      and so on 🙂
      london is calling too

  3. 😦 Turkey not on your list 😦

  4. Fun post. Lots to dream about….. meanwhile I will visit The Travel Channel, lol…

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