My son needed an internship – for school.

It is mandatory.

Yes and teenagers really don’t want it – this mandatory thingy.

So he wasn’t very motivated.

His wish: “Internship at a game designer.”

Sure, just to hang around in front of a computer, as he likes doing when being on holidays.

No, no real idea, how it might be like.

So he phoned some game designers – no they don’t take interns.

Usually they are small business, one or two people working there.

Hmmm, what else?

Maybe a lawyer? Or our doctor?

He asked the doc – no they don’t take interns too.

He phoned some lawyers – two wanted a formal application.

Hell it is an internship, we are talking ninth graders!

No reply by those.

Government of the district – application, certificates – they refused to see him.

Mom getting more frustrated than the son.

Bet he hoped, that finding nothing would mean being at home for three weeks.

Ha ha.

Sorry I might sound a bit cynical, but I doubt this.

We wrote nearly 80 emails to different companies in our vincinity.

Nothing  at all  – ok some  replied and told us they are sorry.

Finally I thought: “What about the bicycle shop at the corner?”

I like the boss, he is a nice talkative chap –  runs the shop with two of his sons.

He has done a lot of repairs on my bike the last five years.

So this afternoon we stopped by for a little chat – and voilà the son has an internship.

Must say that I am looking really forward.

They got along very well 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Internship

  1. That’s fantastic news Helen, I hope he enjoys the time with the bikes.

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