The Magic of Colors … Magenta

You have seen this color often before.

In Germany it is the leading color of the telecommunication company with the pink T.


H 323° L 48 R 193 C 0 Hexa#
S 100% a 82 G 0 M 100 c10076
B 76% b –3 B 118 Y 0
K 0

2nd color of our process colors we use for printing.

Often referred to as pink or fuchsia or red-purple.

Magenta is not a so-called spectral color.

You will get it only via additive mixing of red and blue light.

Magenta is a very feminine and soft color.

In nature we will experience magenta in blossoms of flowers.

Echinacea, cosmea, roses are flowers that have magenta colored blossoms.

Some people think that magenta is a kind of arrogant color.

Magenta is connected with flamboyancy.

What do you think of magenta?

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