The Magic of Colors … Cyan

Oh yes, even if it sounds so technical, all the stuff with printing colors …

Being a graphic designer in the field of pre-press I stick to the printing colors.

Just remember the 5 models.

Pick the color with the color picker, but make sure that you have chosen RGB-mode for web or CMYK-mode for printing.




H 198° L 57 R 0 C 100% Hexa#
S 100% a –44 G 156 M 0% 009cdd
B 87% b –21 B 221 Y 0%  
      K 0%  



One of the 4 printing colors.

Usually observed as a color located between green and blue.

We won’t use the term cyan to describe the color. Most people would use turquoise.

It is the very color of the gem.

Other terms can be aquamarine, celeste, light sea green.


Cyan can be described as a cold color, since it is very blueish and blue is connected with coldness.

Cyan is also a very fresh color. It reminds of a fresh splash of water.


Swimming pools usually have tiles, which are colored cyan, so people have the idea that water is colored that way.

A color called aqua, which is a light cyan, is popular for ladies  outer clothing.

Cyan is connected with brightness, open mind, coolness, distance.

It can convey a certain emptiness.


If your body doesn’t get enough oxygen, your skin will show a certain abnormal blueness, which is called “Cyanosis”.


What impression do you have of cyan?


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19 thoughts on “The Magic of Colors … Cyan

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  14. Great post! I love the colour turquoise it’s a colour that suites me very well when I wear it and aquamarine is my birthstone.

    • thanks dianne
      interesting about the birthstones – i am not so familiar with that.
      my mom used to wear a ring with a turquoise, which she got for the birth of my sister.

  15. This is interesting. For someone doing web changes and not a graphic designer, very helpful. it gets very frustrating trying to duplicate colors from web to newsletter to emails, since they all don’t use the same language.

    • i agree nancy, it can be very frustrating.
      and i have to tell you, that we will never be able to convert each color 1:1 from web to printing and vice versus.
      even if we know the exact values, your monitor might be adjusted differently than mine.
      an people have a different opinion on colors.
      very subjective: my purple might be the blue of my son.

      i just detected this list of colors

  16. Very informative. I love that color.

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